Finding the right caretaker for your child takes serious time and effort.

At Brooklyn Manny and Nanny, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting and help you find a NYC Nanny who:

Serves as an excellent role model, fits your child’s individual needs and stage of development, and passes rigorous screening for quality and safety


Why our nanny agency

At BK Manny and Nanny, we take a personal approach to matching your family with the right caretaker.

Imagine a local, caring human being who listens carefully to your family’s needs and helps you find the perfect match. That’s what you get when you work with us. Whether you’re looking for a caretaker with decades of experience, or one with more energy than your kids, our trusted NYC Nanny Agency has you covered.


  • Pre-screened nannies

  • LGBT, stat-at-home, and single parent friendly

  • Long-term matches

  • Personalized selections

  • Trial periods

  • Additional screening available

  • College educated nannies available

  • Serving over 300 NYC families

  • Serving New York and Brooklyn


What other parents and Caretakers are saying about our Agency


Our mission is to find New York’s best caretakers and match them to your family’s individual needs.


We understand that your child’s care requirements change as they grow. That’s why we place mannies and nannies that compliment your child’s emotional and physical stage in development.

We believe in building engaging relationships between caretaker and child. The role of the caregiver is to supplement and build upon the foundations set by parents.

  • We believe in treating children with respect to foster respect.

  • We believe in uncovering the lessons behind each experience.

  • We believe that caregivers should be warm, open, and compassionate.

  • We believe in instilling self-worth and confidence.

  • We believe in building predictable and stable environments for children.

  • We believe that caregivers should engage children in activities that challenge them while also being there to support, encourage, and help them if necessary.


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