Finding the right caretaker for your child takes serious time and effort.

At Brooklyn Manny and Nanny, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting and help you find a NYC Nanny who:

Serves as an excellent role model, fits your child’s individual needs and stage of development, and passes rigorous screening for quality and safety


Why our nanny agency

At BK Manny and Nanny, we take a personal approach to matching your family with the right caretaker.

Imagine a local, caring human being who listens carefully to your family’s needs and helps you find the perfect match. That’s what you get when you work with us. Whether you’re looking for a caretaker with decades of experience, or one with more energy than your kids, our trusted NYC Nanny Agency has you covered.


  • Pre-screened nannies

  • LGBT, stat-at-home, and single parent friendly

  • Long-term matches

  • Personalized selections

  • Trial periods

  • Additional screening available

  • College educated nannies available

  • Serving over 300 NYC families

  • Serving New York and Brooklyn


What other parents and Caretakers are saying about our Agency


Our mission is to find New York’s best caretakers and match them to your family’s individual needs.


We understand that your child’s care requirements change as they grow. That’s why we place mannies and nannies that compliment your child’s emotional and physical stage in development.

We believe in building engaging relationships between caretaker and child. The role of the caregiver is to supplement and build upon the foundations set by parents.

  • We believe in treating children with respect to foster respect.

  • We believe in uncovering the lessons behind each experience.

  • We believe that caregivers should be warm, open, and compassionate.

  • We believe in instilling self-worth and confidence.

  • We believe in building predictable and stable environments for children.

  • We believe that caregivers should engage children in activities that challenge them while also being there to support, encourage, and help them if necessary.


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NYC Nanny and Private Staffing FAQs

When was BK Manny and Nanny Agency was created, and who was the founder?

In 2014, Brooklyn Manny and Nanny was founded by Alie Moya.

About Us

Does Brooklyn Manny and Nanny hire nannies in New York?

We are in no way an employer; BK Manny and Nanny  focuses solely on recruitment and being an agency for employment. Our mission is to introduce quality caregivers to our NYC clients, and our clients have the freedom to hire those who seem suitable for their needs. We make our clients aware of the laws and customs associated with employing a domestic employee, and also refer to payroll companies who can help manage the necessary taxes.

How do you find your caregivers as an NYC Nanny Agency?

We at BK Manny and Nanny  have a network and system of referrals that has formed over the years. Many caregivers are introduced to us through word of mouth or ads. We have plenty of connections in the industry, and that’s the simplest way to explain our methods of finding new caregivers. You can trust us to find exceptional candidates - our reviews & testimonials are proof.

What background checks do you conduct on employees?

Our first step is to review every application and confirm that the answers to our questions are adequate, before we continue by conducting an in person interview. The interview consists of important questions and is intended to determine the personality and qualities of every nanny, housekeeper, or caregiver. We evaluate how they perform tasks and how they make decisions, as well as other factors. If they pass the interview, we call several references to verify the candidate resumes and experiences with former employers.

Once our clients interview and select their chosen candidate, we verify the person’s identity and perform our necessary social media scans. We also check DMV records, as well as criminal activity background checks. We can also perform drug testing and personality testing, for an additional fee.

Why work with your Manny and Nanny agency instead of using other agencies to find a nanny, caregiver or housekeeper?

Wondering why you should choose to work with us is a reasonable question, but the answer may be more simple than you’d expect. If you don’t have much experience in hiring private childcare, you may not know what to look for in a nanny or housekeeper. The hiring process can also be very time-consuming, and taking the time to search through hundreds of potential candidates can be near impossible. And even if you’d find a few possible choices, there isn’t much you can do to guarantee their quality. Caregivers often use those type of websites as a means of finding temporary jobs, and may even resign prematurely without notice.

To avoid these frustrations and possible conflict, trust an expert with plenty of experience. The use of an agency can give you more peace of mind and will make your search for a caregiver as simple as possible. Thorough background checks are also another benefit that you may not have if you choose to hire independently.

Expectations when working with a professional NYC Nanny Agency

What are the requirements for a candidate to join BK Manny and Nanny ?

All caregivers must have a minimum of 2 years of experience working closely with children, and must also show a strong knowledge of developmental theories. They also need to be able to correctly discuss the best methods and practices for the children they intend to work with. Lastly, they need to have an understanding of the professionalism needed to work in a private environment.

Clients can also set additional requirements if they so choose. If you want a caregiver with a certain degree or academic credentials, a preferred language, or work history, you can request those specific requirements.

By choosing to work with us, you are put in control of who you want to work for you. For more information regarding our requirements.

What is a typical timeline for finding a caregiver, housekeeper, or nanny?

The process of finding a caregiver is different for every family, but it typically takes anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks. Because of our process being thorough and detailed, it can take time to determine the perfect candidates. If you need a caregiver immediately, we might be able to make the process quicker if there are available candidates that meet your requirements. However, you may want to keep in mind that anyone you hire may be need to give a courtesy notice of 2-4 weeks to their current employer.

To find out more about our hiring process, click this link.

Our goal as a company is to find successful placements that are right for both you and potential employees, so we do an in-depth interview with every customer and candidate. Then, we do further screening of each candidate if they successfully pass the first interview. If your requirements and ideals are especially specific, the recruitment may take longer. Recruitment outside of the New York City metropolitan area also may extend the process.

Is it guaranteed that you will absolutely find an employee for me?

Prior to accepting you as a client, we conduct a free consultation by phone, to determine whether we are likely to find a candidate who meets your requirements. If we expect that we wouldn’t be able to find a match, we won’t sign you on.

It’s important to know that we still cannot guarantee that we will find a perfectly matched employee for you. However, we can guarantee that if we accept you as a client, we will be able to find possible caregivers for you that match most of your requirements and meet your budget. It’s up to you if you want to further interview the candidates and possibly hire one, if you are satisfied. We can typically find a good match for most clients.

As a client, what expectations should I be aware of?

One of the most important things you can do as a client is practice through communication. Being clear and direct will make the process even smoother. A client contract that meets industry standards will need to be signed by you, prior to the start of the search process. Making uninterrupted time for the initial meeting with us is important so that we can understand your needs. Another important requirement for our clients is confidentiality. When we send you possible candidates to review, please review with discretion and do not share information. You should also be able to pay any employee legally and at a fair wage. Lastly, make sure to share your opinion with us. If you like or don’t like a candidate, please share your opinion for future reference.

Fees & Guarantees

What fees are involved in BK Manny and Nanny ’s services?

Our package prices are similar to an insurance policy. Long replacement periods will lead to a higher total cost. For detailed information, be sure to visit contact us.

Does BK Manny and Nanny  provide a replacement guarantee?

Yes! Although the standard of the industry is about 30 days, we firmly believe that relationships may need more time to form. That’s our reason for offering a replacement at no additional cost, between 30 to 120 days varying on your chosen package. After 60 days beyond the replacement, we also offer credit of 25% to be used for the cost of a new employee.

Who is responsible for the payment of the recruiting placement fee?

Our client families - which may be also called the Employer / Client - are responsible for paying all placement fees. Caregivers, which are also called Nannies / Housekeepers / Employees, are not charged any fees for working with us.