Our Star Sitters are the best in NYC. See for yourself, interview nannies and mannies at no cost.


We get it. Searching for a nanny is a lot of work. That's why we continuously meet and vet nannies and mannies each day and bring you only the best. We are happy to provide you with some or all of your nanny candidates. We want you to use us as a resource. If you have questions about how to hire, if you need to weigh options,or talk about standards in pay give us a call- we would love to chat!


Together, we are partners in childcare. 



Brooklyn Manny and Nanny has childcare coverage for every need. From date-night to full-time, our members enjoy our easy-to-browse database,individualized services, and hard to beat guarantee.

To get started simply sign up... but first we want to chat! We aren't just an online service. We are partners in your childcare. Computers can't be partners.


Step 1

Contact us. Give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a call. We want to have a thorough discussion of your childcare needs. 

Step 2 (can come before 1.) 

Register your family by creating a profile on our database. Your profile helps us cater to your specific childcare needs. This is also how we share important information with your babysitters such as, emergency contacts, allergies, and rules. Your credit card is securely stored for your future convenience and you will not be charged unless you confirm a booking. 

Step 3 

Once your family is registered and we have spoken, you will have access to browse all of our prescreened and highly qualified sitters.You may browse and request interviews at your leisure. Alie, the owner, will also follow up with a portfolio of sitters who match your needs.


Full/Part Time Placements

Families looking for a nanny or manny for regularly scheduled and committed weekly hours, look no further. Our full and part-time nannies and mannies are ready to interview.Once placed, we guarantee our sitters for one full year! 

First step to browsing our private database? Refer to step 1. 

Agency fee 12-20% of placement's gross annual salary. Twelve month payment plans available.


For families already in the network, Clubsitting is your go-to service for date night and other occasional sitting. 

Not yet a member? Call us. 

Agency fee 25%

Temporary Placements

For families whose child care need is less than one full year (calendar or school year). 

Not sure if your job qualifies as temporary? Give us a call. 

Agency fee is 20% of projected gross income.


Planning a wedding? Hosting a corporate event or convention? Brooklyn Manny and Nanny has you covered so that you can party..or work productively.  

Call for a quote.