Our mission is to source New York’s finest big sisters, brothers, camp counselors, and other childcare specialists and match them to your individual family’s needs.

We understand that your child’s care requirements change as they grow. This is why, at Brooklyn Manny and Nanny, we specialize in sourcing and placing Mannies and Nannies that complement your child’s stage in development, emotionally and physically.

You can trust that we source only the best role models for your children, many of whom have bachelors degrees or are in school. All of our Mannies and Nannies have passed a rigorous screening process including reference checks, background checks, and personal interviews.



  • We believe in building engaging relationships between caretaker and child. The role of the caregiver is to supplement and build upon the foundations set forth by parents.
  • We believe in treating children with respect to foster respect.
  • We believe in uncovering the lessons behind each experience.
  • We believe that caregivers should be warm, open, and compassionate.
  • We believe in instilling self-worth and confidence.
  • We believe in building predictable and stable environments for children.
  • We believe that caregivers should engage children in activities that challenge them but, also be there to support, encourage, and help them if necessary.



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